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Providing hundreds of vehicle models to choose from is not the main reason why we decided against a physical car lot. We decided to maintain our lot online to save the high costs that come with it. While we could maintain a flashy showroom and provide the same services, focusing on simply a website allows us to offer insanely low rates. That’s right, on top of a broad choice of vehicles to choose from, you also pay much less compared to any other manufacturer.

Working with our e-commerce based dealership is simple. You can browse through our interactive inventory and choose your favorite options. If you want to go right ahead, no problem! You can simply submit your paperwork online and we will process it. You will be notified on approval and the car will be delivered to you!

If you do want more information and perhaps an inspection with a test drive, you can reach us on 646-448-6644. We would love to assist you with any queries you might have and set up a meeting to test your new car.

Excellent client service

Don’t you hate it when you walk in to a dealership and get bombarded with a scripted sales pitch to get you to buy a car they want you to? We do too. That’s why when you work with our car experts, you won’t get pushy salesmen, you will get an interactive consultation geared to help you solve your problem of leasing your new car. We can assist you with choosing your car, planning your lease and choosing a suitable financing provider.

Give us a buzz

If you like what you hear so far, why not give us a call? We can be reached on 646-448-6644 and would love to assist you with any query you might have. If you have currently leased your car with another provider and looking to get yourself a new car, we can provide assistance to make the transition smooth and hassle free. Give us a ring today!

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About Car Leasing Manhattan

Car Leasing Manhattan is the auto leasing service you have been waiting for. There are dozens of auto leasing companies to work with but you will notice that each company is quite similar in the way they carry out their business. Most companies deal with a select few brands. Companies that offer a considerably large number of brands will typically only offer a few models under each brand limiting your choice.

Car Leasing Manhattan is on the other side of the spectrum. Not only do we have virtually every car manufacturer worth a second glance, we also feature every model that you could possibly consider. This would require considerable real estate to store at a physical lot, that’s why we don’t have one.