Lease Termination in Manhattan

You have spent a good 3 years with your car. You’ve shared some great times together; it’s now finally time to return your car. For many, this emotional moment is scarred by having to deal with the various formalities and expensive consequences that come with lease termination. There are several auto leasing horror stories simply because lessees fail to comply with policies that are put in place by car leasing services for their protection. In most cases, lessees are subject to certain rules and regulations such as a limitation on the total number of miles they can travel per year as well as how much damage a car can accumulate through the course of a lease. Some companies can be vicious and charge customers a hefty fee for even the slightest issues with their vehicles. At Car Leasing Manhattan, we employ a much more customer centric approach to dealing with lease termination. For more information on our lease termination policies, you can contact us on 646-448-6644.

Lease termination with Car Leasing Manhattan

If you are currently holding a lease with Car Leasing Manhattan, you can take comfort in the fact that returning your car will be a breeze. Firstly, we ensure that our routine inspection as a customer nears the end of his lease is done well before the date of termination. This gives the customer enough time to prepare for any costs associated with the vehicle. We also provide assistance in certain situations. For instance, some companies tend to charge a large compensation fee for replacement tires if the tires of a vehicle have undergone excess wear and tear. With Car Leasing Manhattan, we can inform this to you well in advance so you can change the tires on your vehicle which may cost you less. We thoroughly brief our customers on what to expect as they approach the end of their lease as well as any costs that might be associated with your lease termination.

Early auto lease termination

In some cases, you might want to terminate your lease before the lease contract period ends. This is generally a costly affair that lessees stay away from. At Car Leasing Manhattan, we are happy to entertain such requests and are willing to help you with the process. While we would recommend transferring the lease to another lessee, if this is not possible, we can arrange early termination. Unlike with other companies, early termination with Car Leasing Manhattan won’t cost you as much.

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With our customer focused approach to ending your lease, working with Car Leasing Manhattan makes auto leasing a pleasant experience rather than a contract resulting in nervousness and anxiety. Our terms and policies heavily favor our customers and we are happy to provide the advice you need to lower your overall expenditure. You can give us a call and discuss any terms of your auto lease. Even if you are not currently leasing your vehicle with us, we would be happy to provide valuable insight into dealing with any issues pertaining to car leasing. You can reach us on 646-448-6644 to find out more.