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Acura is Honda’s answer to luxury automobiles. Acura comes with a number of impressive models to choose from. The design certainly compliments its positioning of a luxury brand. Considering the reputation that Honda has built over the years, you can expect your Acura to deliver as you’d expect. Despite the appearance and specifications, you won’t have to pay a hefty amount per month as they have a reasonable price tag. With our car leasing specials, your Acura will cost you even less per month.

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Car Leasing Manhattan does not limit you to the most popular options or certain vehicle types. We give you almost a dozen models to choose from. Firstly we have the sedans; the models we offer include the ILX, RLX, TLX and TSX. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, Acura does have a couple of options for you. You can go with the ILX Hybrid Sedan or the RLX hybrid version. If you want more punch with a utility vehicle you can choose an SUV like the RDX or MDX. Acura also has the TSX sports wagon and NXS coupe sports car option. If you want more customization on top of the comprehensive choice of Acura vehicles, speak to one of our sales personnel and we will be happy to include them and structure your leasing plan accordingly.

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When you work with Car Leasing Manhattan, we have a multi-talented team who can assist you with a string of problems pertaining to car leasing. One of our main strengths is the extensive knowledge hub we have on virtually any car model in the form of friendly, helpful staff. Despite offering hundreds of vehicle models from multiple manufacturers, at Car Leasing Manhattan, we can walk you through the entire process of choosing your Acura. With a dozen choices to choose from and more in the form of trim packages, you might need a little bit of help to choose what’s right for you. On top of this, if you would like to look into other similar competing options such as Lexus or Infiniti, we would love to compare and contrast and give you the gist of what to expect so you know to make the right choice.

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While you might think that your auto leasing company only makes a small portion of your investment in your car, in reality, we can do much more than that. When you work with the right company, you get better monthly rates, assistance with financial providers, personalized service with free delivery of your new car and advice on call when you need it. Give us a call and start working with the right auto leasing service. You can reach us on 646-448-664.