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Cadillac Leasing in Manhattan

Cadillac is one of the favorite choices among celebrities. There is certainly a reason why major icons choose to drive around in a Cadillac. Cadillac certainly has a charm to its appearance that can be seen across all its models. Cadillac maintains a powerful reputation and is known for its safety, special features and ample space in the vehicle and its boot. With a relatively high price point, a Cadillac is a great car to lease out and we have the best auto leasing deals for any model you choose.

Car leasing deals for your favorite Cadillac model

At Car Leasing Manhattan, our low leasing rates and flexible terms are applicable to any model you choose. We have over a dozen Cadillac models you could choose from. Our sedans include the ATS-V, ATS, CT6, CTS-V, CTS and XTS. If you want a two-door option, you can go for the ATS, ATS-V, CTS, CTS-V and ELR, all available as coupes. You can also opt for a wagon like the CTS and CTS-V, available as a wagon version. Finally, you can opt for the pricey Escalade SUV or the Escalade ESV. There is also a more affordable SUV option, the SRX.

Build your Cadillac

Cadillac tends to have a sense of exclusivity attached to the brand. Why not go a step further and customize your Cadillac based on your personal preferences? When you lease your car with Car Leasing Manhattan, we offer complete flexibility over what you want out of your car. You can contact us on 646-448-6644 and brief us on the personalization options you would like implemented on your Cadillac and we will be happy to update our package and leasing offer based on these requirements. Update the vehicle’s appearance and include accessories to make your driving experience even more fulfilling.

The most accommodating car leasing agency

Many people shy away from car leases due to the strict terms that come along with it. While you can’t blame the leasing companies for imposing these penalties, terms and limitations as it prevents them from being liable to unnecessary losses, at Car Leasing Manhattan, we can afford to offer our customers a reasonable amount of flexibility as we operate on lower costs. When you work with us, you won’t be taxed with heavy penalties for transferring your lease or terminating it before the lease ends. Instead we will assist you and look for the most economical course of action.

Secure a special car leasing deal today

With our low cost, flexible leasing options, owning a brand new, late model Cadillac doesn’t have to be something that is reserved for celebrities and affluent individuals. Give us a call and we would love to plan a suitable lease for you based on a budget that you can accommodate. Call us on 646-448-6644 today!