About Car Leasing Manhattan

Car Leasing Manhattan is a generic auto leasing service. We bring you an array of vehicle brands and offer variable terms to pay off your lease. On the surface, we may be an ordinary leasing service but our business model is quite different to a traditional car dealership. Read on to find out what’s special about Car Leasing Manhattan

We have no physical location

While this doesn’t seem to be a feature of ours worthy of being given its own headline on the top of our about page, the fact of the matter is the absence of a physical lot is our biggest asset. As ironic as it sounds, this model has opened up several doors to make us quite different to our competition. When you work with Car Leasing Manhattan, you can choose your car from our inventory of vehicles and submit your paper work all online. This dramatically reduces the time you’ll spend setting up your new lease.
While we do understand the glaring disadvantages of not having a physical location, we have systems in place so it’s no different to a customer. For starters, we arrange test drives and vehicle inspection of a car you are interested in on demand. This is perhaps the main reason why a customer would want a physical location so that they can review the tangible aspects of the vehicles they are interested in.

We have the lowest auto leasing rates

We are not sacrificing our margins our incorporating any shady techniques, far from it. The reason we mention this is because our rates are significantly lower than any other car dealership, we have no close second. We previously mentioned that not having a physical location has opened up many doors and this is one of them. With this business model, our costs are greatly reduced from our initial capital cost to our ongoing maintenance allowing us to consistently provide the best leasing rates irrespective of the vehicle you are interested in leasing.

We have the largest inventory of vehicles

Another door this has opened is giving us the opportunity to focus on securing deals across the entire industry and working with virtually every car manufacturer that people are interested in. While any traditional dealership can offer hundreds of brands, most companies tend to focus on what their physical location can hold. This seems more efficient and profitable. In our case, our real estate is our website and the availability is unlimited. You can sift through and quickly find any model you are interested in based on your preferences.

This unique way of carrying out a car leasing service has a lot more perks that come with it. We also have greatly modified leasing terms and conditions turning your lease into an enjoyable experience rather than a nightmare tying you down to a list of rules. To find out more about our service or discuss auto leasing a new car, you can contact us on 646-448-6644.