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Volkswagen Leasing in Manhattan

Volkswagen is a solid carmaker bringing you a complete range of cars to choose from. Volkswagen is best known for producing signature models like the Volkswagen Beetle and Volkswagen Rabbit (formally known as Golf). While from a logical perspective, it may make sense to opt for other vehicle options that fall in to the same price category as Volkswagen cars, owners of this brand are rarely disappointed. Despite management changing hands over the years, Volkswagen continues to build great vehicles.
At Car Leasing Manhattan, we deal with all Volkswagen models and offer special discounted pricing on all our models. Our inventory includes the Beetle Convertible, Beetle Convertible Diesel, Beetle Diesel, Beetle Hatchback, CC Sedan, CrossBlue SUV, e-Golf Hatchback, Eos Convertible, Golf GTI Hatchback, Golf R Hatchback, Golf SportWagen Alltrack Wagon, Golf SportWagen Diesel, Golf SportWagen Wagon, Golf Diesel, Golf Hatchback, GTI Hatchback, Jetta GLI Sedan, Jetta Hybrid Sedan, Jetta SportWagen Diesel, Jetta SportWagen Wagon,Jetta Diesel, Jetta Hybrid, Jetta Sedan, Passat Diesel, Passat Sedan, Tiguan SUV, Touareg Diesel, Touareg Hybrid and Touareg SUV. For more information on our models and pricing, you can contact us on 646-448-6644.

Build your Volkswagen

If driving a Volkswagen is fun, building your Volkswagen to your precise requirement is half of it. At Car Leasing Manhattan, on top of providing the various appearance packages that you might be interested in, we also offer customization options for your Volkswagen like you would get at an official, exclusive Volkswagen dealer. This means that you get to choose what your interior and exterior looks like along with various other add-ons you might want to include. For more information on what options we have available for our Volkswagen, call us on 646-448-6644.

Transfer your Volkswagen lease

Volkswagen has all the makings of a great long term purchase. It is affordable, it has reasonable maintenance costs and it is quite reliable. While you may sign a lease with a 3 year commitment, changes down the road may result in you wanting to give up your Volkswagen. At Car Leasing Manhattan, we have a simple solution which won’t cost you too much money. We would be happy to arrange for a lease transfer where another lessee takes responsibility for the remainder of your lease. The best part is you don’t have to find the lessee yourself. Our team will be happy to assist you with the process. We can advertise your vehicle availability across our networks and customers to find you a suitable third party who is willing to assume responsibility of your Volkswagen in no time! For more details on our lease transfer policies, contact us on 646-448-6644.

Get a quote today

Pick up the phone and give us a ring. You can reach us via our hotline on 646-448-6644. You will be blown away by our low rates. If you are still in the market considering your options, our car experts would be a great source for inspiration. With our comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience dealing with several car buyers, we would be happy to share our opinion on picking your next car.