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Dodge Leasing in Manhattan

Dodge has a beautiful line of cars and has an option for everyone. They have the low cost Dart sedan, ideal for a family or individual looking for a durable car at an affordable price. They have the Grand Caravan minivan which is perfect for a large family and there’s the Viper, a beast capable of blowing your head off when you hit the gas. At Car Leasing Manhattan, you can choose any of these models and more.
If you are looking for a new age American muscle option, you can’t do much wrong with a challenger which has maintained that signature vintage look. You could also go for a charger. Dodge also produces two great SUV options; the Durango and the Journey. Finally, if you are looking for another simple sedan, there is the Avenger as well. Give us a call on 646-448-6644 and find out which model will be right for you.

Get the best price for any Dodge model

Car Leasing Manhattan understands versatility. With our extended line of brands we have to offer, we have virtually every model under each brand. Our special leasing rates are not limited to a select few options. If you are interested in a Dodge, you will get our special rate whether you choose an Avenger or a Viper sports car.

Manhattan auto finance assistance

Leasing is an excellent way to own your dream car without having to save up for years and buy it outright. For a rather modest monthly payment, you can consistently drive late models and with the short term nature of lease contracts, you can be driving a new car every few months. Sometimes, leasing alone may not be sufficient especially if you are going for a car with a hefty price tag. At Car Leasing Manhattan, our goal is to reduce the hurdles in between our customer and their car of preference.
If you require financing assistance for your car, irrespective of the model, we can find a suitable financier. Financing institutions can be quite specific with their requirements. Some companies work with certain brands, others may finance you depending on the overall cost of the vehicle and then of course, your personal finance record also comes into play. We can help match your need with the best financial provider at an interest rate that won’t eat in to your expenditure. Call us now on 646-448-6644and find out more.

Speak to us

Our leasing professionals always welcome any queries you might have. We are not just here to get you to sign a lease. We would love to assist you to make the right decision with your car lease, structure a suitable leasing structure and of course help you with the entire process. Give us a call on 646-448-6644 and let’s get started.