Lease returns in Manhattan

Lease returns can be a nightmare for a lessee, but for the car leasing agency, the point of lease return is an important one. This is where they make their last sum out of a customer leaving them, if they won’t be leasing a new car that is. While some companies are more reasonable and only charge based on cost, other companies consider lease returns, a process to profit out of. When you return your lease, customers are almost always expected to pay a certain sum for mileage overage, wear and tear and other penalties. The final bill can sometimes run up to thousands of dollars depending on the state and use of the vehicle.

Lease returns with Car Leasing Manhattan

Car leasing Manhattan operates differently with lease returns. Our goal is to complete the process without taking a lot of our customer’s time as well as their money. While we have policies in place for mileage use and compensation required for wear and tear, you will find that we evaluate our vehicles much differently. With our online based business model, we don’t consider a lease return an opportunity to increase our profitability, instead we are looking to save our customers money and assist them with obtaining a new lease. This is why customers who acquire a lease with us, continue to work with us by obtaining a new lease after their existing lease expires.

Quick, early inspection for your lease return

When returning a lease, there is a process of evaluation which takes place prior to returning the vehicle. Sometimes, this can happen a few weeks or days prior to your lease expiring. At Car Leasing Manhattan, we like to stay more organized and keep our customers informed of what’s to come. We look to schedule these inspections as early as possible. This gives us the opportunity to thoroughly assess the vehicle and inform our customers of any payments that may be due beforehand. In addition, we provide tips to reduce their overall cost when they return their vehicle. Not all customers maintain a vehicle equally and if a particular vehicle has undergone excess wear and tear, we might even suggest selling the vehicle as it may be a cheaper alternative. When you work with us, our customers come first and we look to work in your best interest first and foremost.

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Whether you are an existing customer of Car Leasing Manhattan or approaching the end of your lease with a different auto leasing company, we can help. Get in touch with us on 646-448-6644 and we would love to assist you with obtaining a new lease. If you require assistance with your existing vehicle, we would be happy to do so. You can reach our sales professionals at any time for advice regarding your existing vehicle or plans for a new one.